acrysol ase 60 thickener

acrysol ase 60 thickener

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ACRYSOL ASE-60 - Dow Chemical

ACRYSOL™ ASE-60 Alkali-Soluble Anionic Thickener. Description. ACRYSOL ASE-60 is an acid containing, cross-linked acrylic emulsion copolymer. When the

Acrysol ASE-1000 -- Technical Data Sheet

ACRYSOL™ ASE-1000 Polyacrylate Thickener for Construction Mastics the thickening efficiency of ACRYSOL ASE-1000 versus ACRYSOL ASE-60 and.

Product Safety Assessment Acrylic Emulsion - Dow Chemical

Dec 19, 2012 ACRYSOL ASE-60 Thickener. •. ACRYSOL ASE-75 Thickener. •. ACRYSOL ASE-95 NP Thickener. •. ACRYSOL DA-700 Rheology Modifier.

ACRYSOL™ ASE-60 - DowDuPont Dow - datasheet

ACRYSOL™ ASE-60. Technical DataSheet Supplied by DowDuPont Dow. Acrylic emulsion copolymer. Acts as an anionic thickener. It is effective in

Acrysol ASE-60 MSDS - Talas

Jul 14, 2010 Material Safety Data Sheet. 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. ACRYSOL TM ASE-60. Revision date: 02122008. Supplier.

rheology - Siri Spa

ACRYSOL ASE-60 ER. Log Shear Rate, s-1. Log Viscosity, Pa. ASE-60 ER. 250 MBR. • Acrylic thickener 30% solids. • Specifically designed to develop.


ACRYSOL™ASE-60ACRYSOL™ASE-60. Thickener for finishing preparations. ACRYSOL™RM-1020ACRYSOL™RM-1020. Thickener for finishing preparations

76900 Thickener ASE 60 - Kremer Pigmente

Thickener ASE 60 is an acid-containing, cross linked acrylic emulsion copolymer. When the emulsion is diluted with water and neutralized with a base, each

Dow - Tradeton Group

Jun 23, 2016 Acrysol DR 130, anionic thickener, hydrophobically modified, alkali-soluble. Acrysol ASE 60, anionic charge acrylic thickener to develop a high

Thickener - Indofil ASE 60 - Indofil SPCD

Thickener - Indofil ASE 60 :: Acrylic thickener with very good viscosity profile. Gives higher viscosity at low concentration. Excellent storage stability to pain.

Acrysol® - CAMEO

Apr 29, 2016 Acrysol® resins are used as thickeners in acrylic paints, coatings, and adhesives as well as Acrysol® ASE-60: used as a thickening agent.

US7851545B2 - Paint composition - Google Patents

Acrysol ASE 60 Rohm & Haas, Thickener, 8-10, kg. Acrylic polymer containing carboxylic acid. groups. Alkali Swellable Thickener. AMP or MEA to pH 9.3

thickening agent - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Thickeners are employed in printing to preserve the sharpness of edges and outlines .. Acrylics—for example, Acrysol ASE-60 thickener from Rohm and Haas.

US5276075A - Washable acrylic paint - Google Patents

ACRYSOL TT-615 and ACRYSOL ASE-60, which are acrylic copolymer emulsions The ASE-60 thickener may be described as an acrylic polymer which

Download the ENCOR ® 167S latex technical data sheet

ASE and HASE thickener types such as Rheotech 46,. Acrysol ASE 60, Rheotech 4200 and Acrysol TT-615 may also be employed. • HEUR thickener types

Drayton Hall-Conservation

Additionally a thickener Acrysol ASE-60 was used to control viscosity and flow. The unfilled formulations using only the emulsions and thickener were intended

Acrysol Magazines - Yumpu

ACRYSOL ASE-60ER - Uzkimya uzkimya. ACRYSOL™ TT-935 Rheology Modifier - The Dow Chemical . ACRYSOL DR-72 - The Dow Chemical Company.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - Franklin Adhesives and Polymers

Two thickeners commonly used with Micronax are Acrysol ASE-60 28% solids from Dow Chemical or Paragum PG-600 35% solids from Royal Adhesives.

Coating Products - MuseuM Services Corporation

Acrysol WS-24 is a copolymer dispersion. Acrysol ASE-60 is an Alkali crosslinker thickener. Often used as thickening agents in conjunction with the Rhoplexes.

Aqualast® HYP605 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Emulsion

Acrylic emulsion thickeners such as AcrysolTM ASE-60 do not require dilution. Acrysol and Tamol are trademarks of The Dow Chemical Company. Darvan is a

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - Franklin Adhesives and Polymers

Two thickeners commonly used with Micronax are Acrysol ASE-60 28% solids from Dow Chemical or Paragum PG-600 35% solids from Royal Adhesives.

Leni Gloss Varnish 250ml - Boyle Industries

TexanolTM Ester Alcohol. 25265-77-4. 1.00. ACRYSOL ASE-60 thickener. 25212-88-87732-18-5. 2.50. Primary Routes of Exposure. Inhalation. Skin Contact.


60- 250 cps. Volatile. 8.0 % NMP. Elongation at . The first is to employ external thickeners. The second method is to add External Thickeners. Acrysol ASE-60.

Developments in acrylic - based thickeners as substitute of - NOPR

Keywords: Acrylic thickener, Emulsion thickener, Kerosene emulsion, Pigment printing . Aal11 60 parts . Lutexal by BASF66 and Acrysol by Rohm & Haasli7.


Rheology Modifiers and Thickeners. PrimalTM AC-337 coat properties. The use of Acrysol RM- AcrysolTM ASE-60ER to minimise viscosity losses is also

Design and Evaluation of Acrylic-Based Grouts for Earthen Plasters

1980 the recommended thickener was fumed silica, by 1986 Phillips had replacedthe hjmed silica with an acrylic polymer gel, Acrysol ASE-. 60. This he found to

Expancel® Microspheres - Boud Minerals

2. for five minutes after addition of the thickeners to the mixtures .. Not specified. Skane M-8. Biocide. Rohm & Haas. Acrysol ASE 60. Thickener. Rohm & Haas.

Flow and Suspension Properties - Lubrizol

Examples: solutions of guar gum, cellulosic thickeners, . Acrysol ASE-60 . particles were placed in gels based on various thickener types and concentrations.

Laminating Adhesives for Flexible Packaging - CiteSeerX

Acrysol ASE-60 thickener Rohm and Haas. 2.0-5.0. Diammonium phosphate 20% solution in water. 4.0. Total. 110.5-116.5. Table 5: Formulation of a General

tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu - Theseus

Rheology of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and the Effect of Thickener on Viscosity substitute for the Polyphobe 104 might be Acrysol ASE 60. Though, further

Atrazine Movement iIi Soil Columns as Influenced by Starch - naldc

polyacrylic acid, adjuvant thickeners Acrysol ASE-108 and. Acrysol GUO, and .. columns made from 0- and 12-d data range from 35 to 60 d. The ASE-I08 1:1

Rheology of waterborne paints: Coating modifiers & considerations

Dec 1, 2017 You will start to see which type of thickener and the different shear ASE = Alkali swellable emulsions; HASE = Hydrophobically modified ASE; HEUR = Hydrophobically TAFIGEL PUR 60 is a liquid white, turbid rheology modifier that is a Then there are the “old standbys,” like ACRYSOL™ RM-725

Formulation of Enhanced Water-Glycol Lubricants - BIBSYS Brage

The Influence of Thickeners in Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants on the Wear of a Steel based polymer solution containing maximum 60% glycol is termed as a Hydraulic Fluid C . The ASE thickeners are characterized by high molecular weight and [19] DOW, «DOW Acrysol Rheology Modifiers,» [Internett].

water-base fire-resistant hydraulic fluid for submarines

the thickener must also possess an AIT in the 900 0 F. range. S2, .. a pour point depressant, a thickener to obtain the desired viscosity, .. Acrysol ASE-60.

94401102 Water Based Surface Coatings Formulation Paint - Scribd

It may often be used with great effectiveness with other thickeners for water .. Exp 63 Propylene glycol Ammonia 14% solution Water Acrysol ASE-60 36. then


—Acrysol® Thickeners and Rheology Modifiers“, Rohm and Haas ACRY SOL®ASE-60 . “Thickening and Suspending with CARBOPOL Thickeners”, B.F..

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