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I specialise in images of the wildflowers of southern Africa photographed in their natural habitat. My collection of images also includes landscapes and images of the fauna of southern Africa

Everlastings, Syncarpha canescens, flowering in autumn around the skeleton of a burnt Waboom, Protea nitida, tree in the Cederberg Mountains, Western Cape, South Africa

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My collection includes over 38 000 35mm colour transparencies and currently 17 000 digital images (high res scans of transparencies and photos from digital cameras)

These include images of:

  • Nearly 4000 plant species, professionally identified and correctly named, including all of the southern African Proteaceae, and many rare and endangered species. I can supply back-up information on the species' ecology and conservation status.

  • Plant pollinations by insects, birds and rodents

  • The southern African fauna - mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and arachnids

  • Southern African landscapes

  • Kistenbosch Botanic Garden

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In 1995 I was awarded the Botanical Society of South Africa’s first Percy Sergeant Award for my outstanding contribution in the field of botanical photography.

All transparencies and images on this web site are Copyright © Colin Paterson-Jones.

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